Business Administration (BWL) is a subject within economics. It teaches the knowledge necessary for the profitable management of a company. The focus of business administration is – unlike in economics (economics) – directed at the individual company. Especially the investigation of the profit striving as well as the underlying mechanisms and dynamics is the interest.

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Economic thinking, which today is highly professional and omnipresent, is not a modern invention, but goes back to the beginnings of human civilization. While it was still sufficient to master the crafting techniques of manufacturing and the primitive exchange of goods, the advent of the money economy opened up new prospects for companies that no longer needed the physical transport of goods in exchange and were able to tap into larger sales markets.

Since then, the complexity of merchandise management, production and administration has steadily increased. At the present time, a great deal of specialized knowledge is needed to run modern businesses. Even in a small family business, these can hardly be acquired by one person alone. Because behind every aspect, from accounting to data protection to placing an order, there is an own systematized, professionalized and constantly updatable knowledge base, which requires a business administration student to have a comprehensive overview.

General and special business administration

The business administration is divided into a general and a special part. The first conveys the planning, organization, and decision-making knowledge that can be applied across all industries and organizations. The second focuses on specific functional areas such as management, human resources or taxation. Special sectors and sectors of the economy are also considered separately.

Career prospects in business administration

The career opportunities offered by business administration graduates are correspondingly broad. After all, our entire economy, with few exceptions, builds on the success of companies. Even for self-employed and civil servants knowledge of business management processes are recommended. In the first few semesters, the modularized Bachelor’s degree program is divided into various compulsory areas in which general business management knowledge, accounting knowledge, and micro- and macroeconomic theories are taught.

In addition, accounting, cost accounting, statistical, legal and financial knowledge are at the center of the first business semester. After that, specialization can be given to a functional orientation (such as controlling) or to a specific industry. In most universities, homework assignments, oral exams or presentations are required to prove successful completion of a seminar or topic. Even in non-written works, our ghostwriters do an excellent job and support with expertise and experience.

The Business Administration degree

The BWL Bachelor’s degree ends with the Bachelor’s Thesis and the Bachelor of Science degree (B. Sc.). It can then be supplemented by a master’s degree with a master’s thesis, in which the previously acquired key qualifications are deepened. The challenging task of a bachelor thesis, a master’s or diploma thesis is certainly the biggest challenge that the study offers. Anyone who can identify with the complex of topics and produces a successful, well-graded dissertation may wish to document his or her expertise through a doctoral thesis. Also for such a promotion, our ghostwriters offer their services.

Ghostwriter in business administration

This task can then be handled more easily if assistance is required in support of, for example, the preparation of the structure or the search for a literature. However, the services of ghostwriters in the field of business administration extend beyond these activities and go from the

  • Housework until creating templates of
  • Bachelor thesis,
  • Master thesis or
  • dissertation

on the basis of which your own work can be written so much easier.

Proofreading and plagiarism testing by the professional

All texts, no matter which discipline, must have one property in common: freedom from errors. Therefore, it is extremely important to have a professional proofreading and a plagiarism check after the end of the paperwork. Anyone who relies on the input of a serious ghostwriter, can be absolutely sure to receive a flawless and plagiarism-free text.

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